keyboard and plastic duck


a few quotes:

“Many musicians talk about being edgy, creative or that worst of all adjectives – ‘unique’ – but few succeed to the extent of Keyboard & Plastic Duck, who take creativity to its outer limit with oddball instruments, unusual rhythms and thoughtful, off-kilter songs of a quirky, whimsical nature…”
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–Robert Downes, Northern Express

“Even if you didn't speak a word of English, this would be fascinating stuff, and the lyrics are as outrageously creative as the music. It's all out on the fringes of song, but somehow makes you feel right at home there. Everyone in this quartet is in love with sound, and so is elaborately gentle with it, whether lyrically or musically. As an experience, Keyboard and Plastic Duck is thoroughly delightful.”
–Peter Berryman, of Lou and Peter Berryman


“The first time I heard Plastic Duck, I thought
I was dreaming—as it turns out, I was.”
–Tony Drake, Transmat recording artist

“The music of K&PD is a beautiful balance of edgy
and ethereal. The listener can't wait to hear what will
come next from song to song.”
–Claudia Schmidt


“The song lyrics exist in a refreshing dimension,
a dimension that is unexpectedly, charmingly, twittily offbeat. What a pleasure to be taken by surprise!”
–Sarah Bearup-Neal


“Your songs are a real treasure for a world grown cynical and dark.”
–Mary Anne Rivers


one (or two) word quotes:

“charming… authentic… fantastic… playful… wonderfully original… strange… clever… cool… whimsical… mesmerizing… arresting… funny… smart… different… fresh… joyful… quirky… lovely… surrealistic eargasm!”   –various listeners and fans