welcome to keyboard and plastic duck

   funny dog

Singer/songwriter Susan Gilbert, formerly Keyboard, arrives with ten songs and three musical poems. She sings and plays keyboard.

Here's Plastic Duck: Richard Curtis on flute and alto sax, vocal effects and spoken word; Nate Bynum on bass, effects, chanting and musical saw; and Bill Wagner on a playful collection of percussion instruments, shakers, sticks and cans.

In addition Don Julin provides a small but important mandolin part on funny dog, and Amanda Strong sings harmony on girlfriend.

In the process, Bill Palladino helped considerably by recording most of the tracks over a two-day session with us at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation in Traverse City. Patrick Niemisto recorded talking to Eleanor and surprise at his studio and Nate Bynum recorded and mixed strange planet. Don Julin did the final mixing and editing. So there we are.

Susan Gilbert & Plastic Duck: Funny Dog

Listen to two songs:                

funny dog (lyrics)
  talking to Eleanor

To see or print (on two pages) the lyrics to all the songs and poems on the album, you can download this PDF file: Funny Dog Lyrics

Read more about it, listen to clips, and purchase our CD at CD Baby.

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about talking to Eleanor:                     See the lyrics here

[eleanor stamp]

This song was written for a Women's History Day celebration put on by the Benzie Area Women's History Project, a yearly event which has been going on for more than thirty years now. The theme that year was Women on Stamps. Later I learned that Hillary Clinton has said that she actually does talk to Eleanor.

Talking to Eleanor also was included in Volume 1 of a two CD set, Risin' Shine, put out by Northern Michigan Songwriters in the Round in 2001.