keyboard and plastic duck

music quotewhat do they do?

One answer is in the CD, but since we are no longer performing as a group, the question is more like what did we do? So... we had a fantastic time for five years, living in a bubble for a lot longer than anyone expected. We ate really well at the weekly practices. We laughed a lot, surprised ourselves a lot, and surprised everybody else. We collected a guest book full of wonderful comments and little pictures. We traveled as far as Chicago, where we played in a restaurant patio, and later accidentally came across an outdoor concert with the B-52's where people were arriving in limos and finery. Our first concert at Kejara's Bridge in Lake Leelanau was full of smiling people, some of whom came back. We had a lot of support from some really good people. We were happy to do a concert with Lou and Peter Berryman. That was at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship in Traverse City, where we played a few more times, notably for a Valentine's Day concert with Claudia Schmidt, and another one with Dan Kelly providing a kazoo workshop. And the benefit at the Loading Dock where Dan draped raw bacon across his naked torso—I forget what song that went with... Numerous book store concerts with people occasionally looking up from their books, peering over the shelves. It was an interesting thing to be in that space for that time, to have the four of us all happening to live here, in Northern Michigan, and to be so musically compatible. The next question to work on... What could follow that?

drawing of the band